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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wonderland!

Today we became part of New England's winter wonderland, receiving well over a foot of snow.   The cows don't mind the snow at all, but they do try to stay out of the wind.  Farmer Jim did the chores after he plowed the driveway and barnyard - so we didn't have to walk through a foot of snow to feed & water the animals.    Of course, the boys kept their shovels moving, shoveling paths as needed.   And now they are working up another appetite doing evening chores in this day long storm! 

Would you like to try a new recipe?  Try ground veal in your sloppy joes!   Yesterday for supper I served ground veal sloppy joes, and were they good!   The milk fed rose veal was so tasty, tender and moist in Hunt's traditional  tomoto sauce on hamburger rolls.    I served homemade french fries (yes, from our own potatoes) as a side.   We ended the meal with a delicious chocolate chip pie made by a visiting baker (our middle daughter) the previous day.

ALSO, just arrived from the processor, is our pork!  Add loin chops, ribs, and roasts to meat available at our store.   We milk and corn feed our pigs for about six months to end up with wonderfully tasting meat.

Til next time...

Rocky Ridge Beef Farm


Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Welcome to the Rocky Ridge Beef Farm blog! 

Thanks for visiting our new blog.   We're a family-owned farm raising beef, rose veal and pork with no antibiotics or hormones for growth.    When you visit our farmstore, you'll see happy calves and pigs grown with milk from our own dairy cows.    Our farmstore freezer is nearly full of delicious beef and rose veal, and within a week we'll have our own farm-raised pork!     All of our meat is processed at a USDA facility, either in New Hampshire or Massachusetts.    The store is open Monday through Saturday,  9 a.m. to 6 p.m.     E-mail us if you have any questions.